CryptoKitty Dragon Sold For 600 ETH ($172,000)

According to CNET, anonymous buyer had purchased CryptoKitty Dragon — a digital cat from Ethereum based game CryptoKitty —  for $172,000, or the equivalent of 600 ETH in cryptocurrency. It remains unclear whether the digital cat was bought for money laundering or for another purpose. 

A significant reason for this is that Dragon kitty belongs to ninth generation of kitties in the CryptoKitty world, which is considered unattractive purchases for CryptoKitty collectors as any higher numbered generations. Dragon selling for $172,000 is extraordinary case as the median CryptoKitty price is $9. 

CryptoKitties are digital collectibles which are used for breeding and their value is determined based on how precious or unique the digital cat is, for example, a rare baseball card is very valuable.

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As a reminder, this August, CryptoKitties game got a strong rival in the form of Litecoin based game CryptoMonsters. As in the case of CryptoKitties, the CryptoMonsters is about evolving a monster through various actions that will be recorded in the blockchain from its birth to its death. The peculiar app offers users a set of collectible figures with concepts and features similar to other famous games like crypto kitties, but with the difference that instead of running on the Ethereum network, the CryptoMonsters will “live” on the Litecoin Blockchain.

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